When people experience emotional distress, they seek assistance from a mental health specialist. Poor mental health affects everyone differently, and it’s vital if you are feeling unhappy or disoriented. Before going further, it’s important to find out which specialist is perfect for you. For complete peace of mind, choosing a qualified professional offering mental health services in Oldham is best. Make sure the specialist you choose comes with the following key qualities:

Must-Have Qualities of a Mental Health Therapist

Good listener

The ability to become a good listener is one of the key qualities of a mental health specialist. To make things work, they must be active listeners. Ensure the specialist you choose can listen minutely, ask clarifying questions, and confirm understanding of key points that make the communication more effective.

Can solve problems

A mental health specialist must possess superb problem-solving skills and know how to use creative methods effectively. Often, people visit them regarding particular concerns, like stress due to job loss or re-entering the workplace after a long time. Here, a qualified therapist can help clients find ways to increase their confidence level when preparing for interviews and reaching out to potential employers.


This is a key trait that allows mental health specialists to help people suffering from a wide range of issues. But, not all specialists can establish a strong bond with their clients and not all clients are the same. Some may prefer hiring a professional with other expertise, such as one who specialises in psychiatry or possesses more deep knowledge.


Mental health counselling can benefit all types of people. For instance, one might be dealing with a divorce, while another might have recently been released from jail or have an addiction. Here, mental health specialists must be able to separate their personal views from those considered opinions or facts. Moreover, they should be respectful and open-minded regarding cultural differences.

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