Anxiety is how we respond to different events in our daily life like changing jobs, moving, or financial troubles. Though experiencing anxiety has become quite common nowadays, anxiety disorder requires professional aid. The latter occurs when the events and changes in our life are more than our expectations. If you don’t want anxiety disorder to interfere with your life, get in touch with a reputed counsellor offering mental health services. They will craft a suitable treatment plan for your anxiety. Most of them offer comprehensive mental health services at affordable prices.

Few Signs You Need Mental Health Services To Treat Anxiety Disorder

Excess Worrying

Excessive worrying is a common sign of anxiety disorder. Even if you are not worried about the event that triggered it, it will change how you respond to daily situations. Intrusive or severe worrying will make it hard to concentrate and complete your daily tasks. The issue is more common among people under 65, who have life stressors, or those from lower socioeconomic status.

 Feeling Agitated

A part of our nervous system becomes hyper-active when we feel anxious. Our body kicks various effects like sweaty palms, racing pulse, dry mouth, and shaky hands. Once our brain senses danger, it prepares our body to react to the threat. The blood flow shifts from the digestive system towards the muscles so you can fight or run if needed. Your heart rate will also increase, and you might start feeling agitated.

 Feel Restless

Restlessness among teens and children is a very common sign of anxiety. It is described as an uncomfortable urge to move. You will be surprised to know that more than 70% of children suffer from restlessness. Doctors and mental health counsellors consider it a red flag when making a diagnosis. If you feel restless throughout the year, get in touch with a reputed counsellor offering mental health services in Oldham.

 Can’t Concentrate Easily

Difficulty concentrating is a very common issue faced by people with anxiety. You will be surprised to know that almost 2/3rd of teenagers with generalised anxiety disorders can’t focus easily. It can interrupt the way their memory works and make them incapable of holding short-term information. Difficulty concentrating can also occur due to attention deficit disorder.

These been said, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced counsellors at MYND Counselling and treating anxiety disorder will become easy. They offer treatments for a comprehensive range of mental issues.