Do you often feel sad or down? Do you feel confused or face difficulty in concentrating? If yes, it is the right time to visit a counsellor to assess your mental health. Some of the complicated mental health issues might also get triggered due to an event that occurred in the past or that you perceive will happen in the future.

A very common symptom indicating mental health is withdrawal from friends and family. You might also experience high and low mood swings. Ignoring your mental health issues can also lead to unrealistic and excessive anxiety. You can treat the condition successfully by identifying the reason behind it. There are numerous counsellors scattered all over Oldham offering mental health services. Look for one offering treatments for a comprehensive range of issues.

Looking For Mental Health Services? Know the Common Causes behind The Condition


Environmental Factors

The various elements surrounding an individual can impact their mental health. Environmental factors like stress from a personal relationship or financial predicament can also lead to mental health issues. Large crowds and loud noises can be overwhelming and increase your stress levels. Higher pollution rates can also impact your mental health.

Medical Factors

Mental health issues can also occur due to common medical conditions like stress from an underlying medical condition or the side effects of medication. Even if you don’t notice signs of your mental state, they might bring significant changes in your lifestyle like restricted movement or pain. You will start feeling down if you are confined within the walls of your room.

Brain Chemistry

Your brain structure or how your brain is functioning might undergo drastic changes due to stress, genetic factors and traumatic experiences. The change in its chemistry can make your brain react vigorously to triggers, thus causing mental health issues. Some neurologists and psychologists feel that the condition can also occur when electrical signals and hormones in the brain get disrupted.

Diagnose Your Mental Health before It’s Too Late

 You can treat your mental health condition by undergoing counselling at the right time. Professional counselling helps in improving your mental well-being. Look for experienced mental health professionals to diagnose and identify the exact cause of your disorder. They will review your medical history and perform a few physical examinations if required. The test will provide them with the necessary information about your medical condition. Those at MYND Counselling mutually agree upon a personalized treatment plan.