Grief is a personal feeling that can affect people regardless of age, sex or background. While some require a considerable time to console, some face tremendous challenges. The feeling is complicated and overwhelming, dragging one into an abyss of helplessness and vulnerability.

The Effect of Grief on Children:

It may sound strange, but grief can negatively affect children too. It is absolutely wrong to assume that it is a problem only adults face. Conditioning the mind of children to cope with a loss can be much more challenging, as it depends on the degree of loss they have faced.

How Grief Counselling Can Help Children:

For sensitive handling and careful treatment, it is always better to visit a trusted source for grief counselling in Oldham. Here, one can find the assistance of a professional counsellor who can understand the issue and provide quality support. We discuss some features of a grief counsellor in the following section.

  • Breaking Up the Conversation: Children can struggle to grasp all information at once. Therefore, breaking up the conversation into bits and pieces is important. It helps them understand the gravity of the situation and ask follow-up questions. This is when the counsellor would provide additional information to help them understand the situation.
  • Follow a Healthy Grieving Process: To understand a child’s mental state, parents must follow a sensitised approach. They should model a healthy grieving process where they won’t be afraid to break down or express their emotion. A counsellor can help them in this process while they are in conversation with the child.
  • Listening with Empathy and No Judgement: In the hardest times of grief, children need undivided attention. They may try to convey their feelings, which is important to listen impartially. A counsellor can be the perfect source to follow this practice. They are patient listeners who would gather all information and treat them without judgement. They are also experts in understanding their subjects’ body language and facial expressions.

With these steps, it would be easy to reassure children and help them cope with their sense of loss. Counselling for grief is an important routine that can effectively change emotions and thought patterns. To find a proper source for grief counselling in Oldham, one can communicate with MYND Integrative Counselling. It is a reliable source that one can completely trust for proper treatment. One can visit their website for additional information.