The mind is correlated with the body. If any one of them falls under any disease, it affects the whole system. To remain healthy, one should give importance to mental and physical health.

Mental Issues Affect Physically:

Nowadays, everyone is familiar with mental health issues. The issues around depression and anxiety are getting recognised like other physical ailments. People are getting aware that mental health issues gradually take a toll on their physical health.

Physical Symptoms:

The decline in physical health due to mental issues varies from person to person. Different symptoms show the physical ailments of the body. The symptoms reflect on the body within two weeks of depression and other mental issues. The physical problems act as a wake-up call for the affected person to go under therapy.

How do Mental Health Issues Affect the Physical Health?

Here are some of the common ailments believed to be related to mental health issues. If someone faces these, they should visit a reputed Oldham Mental Health Service.

  1. Sleep Disorders: Issues like anxiety directly affect a person’s normal sleep cycle. Different thoughts keep the affected person awake at night. It is a tough situation where one finds it difficult to calm the mind down. The person cannot get the much-needed sleep, which causes fatigue and drowsiness throughout the day.
  2. Chronic Body Pains: Lack of therapy for mental health issues can cause chronic body pains. The affected person develops an increased feeling to pain. This happens due to increased emotional distress. This causes aches in the joints, limbs and spine. The threshold amount of pain also increases in the affected person.
  3. Gastric Problems: People affected by mental health issues face different gastric problems. Bloating and diarrhoea are some symptoms. The drowsiness causes low body movement, which affects the normal metabolism. The gastrointestinal tract gets affected by this, which causes these problems.
  4. Eating Disorder: Mental health disorders can cause increased and low appetite. It is a direct cause of the eating disorder. One puts on much more weight while eating without control. Eating less can also affect the digestion of the body. Both are immensely harmful to physical health.
  5. Immunity: The immunity of the body gets gradually decreased due to mental health issues. The body reduces to create white blood cells. It is integral to fight infections and diseases. There are also risks of further problems due to weak immunity in the body.

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